We're pretty Keen

Fueled by caffeine, ambition, and the burning desire to save fellow businesses from partnership purgatory. We decided to build the partner management tool that we always needed, because let's face it, there was a void that needed filling.

At Keen, we're not just building another platform; we're crafting solutions to the headaches that come with B2B Partnerships. Managing leads between companies and their partners should be a breeze & automatic, not an Olympic-level feat. So, we've conjured up the solution that you need to streamline the process, because who needs more chaos in their lives?

Picture this: a world where partnerships are as smooth as ordering an Uber, where leads flow seamlessly as songs on your Spotify playlist, and where your partnerships don't feel like building an app on Salesforce. That's the world we're creating, and we want you on this adventure with us.

Let's turn your B2B partnerships into a love story – minus the heartbreak.


Picture of Christian

Christian Thisted

Christian shapes our tech and product with a focus on simplicity and user needs.
Picture of Jesper

Jesper Krarup Kristensen

Jesper champions our customer-first approach with empathy and insight.


Jacob Kirk Faber

Meet Jacob Kirk Faber, our advisor extraordinaire, bringing over two decades of diverse expertise from the B2B banking world and current Business Angel.